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There are a number of different options for psychological health care in Oregon these days. In recent years it has become apparent that many people suffer from mental health disorders and could benefit from treatment. Many conditions that in the past where left untreated are now receiving care. While a lot of progress has been made there is still a ways to go, many people are unable to afford psychological care. Unfortunately in most cases the people who can't afford it are the ones who need it most.

There are many different types of psychological health care available in Oregon, choosing the right one will depend on the type of mental disorder you are suffering from. For minor problems a counselor is probably the best way to deal with your problem. A counselor, not surprisingly offers counseling. That is they will help you to work through your problem by talking with you. Counselors usually specialize in certain types of disorders, like addiction counseling or marriage counseling. In many cases a counselor is sufficient to deal with your issues, however if not it may be necessary to see a therapist.

A therapist can offer therapy, which is a more intensive approach to dealing with mental disorders. They usually have more training than a counselor, usually a doctorate in psychology. Therapy is what most people think about when they think about mental disorders. Therapy usually involves intensive analysis over a period of many months. A therapist can usually deal with most problems whoever there are some that will be beyond their training as well and that will require a psychiatrist.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has specialized in dealing with mental illness. They are capable of providing therapy but they are also the only mental health professional who is allowed to prescribe medication. They usually only deal with the most serious cases of mental illness. Normally psychiatrists only see patients who have been referred to them by a psychologist or a family doctor. Most psychological health care in Oregon can be handled by counselors and therapists, psychiatrists normally only get involved in cases of serious medical issues.

The cost of most psychological health care in Oregon is covered by health insurance, but this isn't always the case. Some conditions aren't covered by health insurance, and some policies don't cover certain conditions, this is something you will need to check on with your insurance provider. Unfortunately not everybody has health insurance and for these people getting the care they need can be a real problem. There are some programs available from the state that can provide mental health care to some uninsured. There is usually a waiting list and not everybody will qualify. Sadly the people without insurance are the ones most likely to need mental health care. There disorder is usually the cause of them not being able to afford insurance.